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March 2010

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Scully/Mulder lick

sherryholt in sher_icon

Header: Rotation & Coloring w/text

Because someone wanted a tut. on something similar to how I made my current JGro header.

We'll be making this

I started off with this image:

Next select Image>Rotate Canvas>and select whichever one you like. For this one I selected 90 degrees CCW

Next we play with color. Remember that with each image you might use the setting will be a little different so don't be afraid to play with it to make it look the way you want it to

For this image I did the following things...

1. Duplicate the layer (CTRL J) and set the dup image (which should be named Layer 1 copy) to soft light. Soft light is located in the drop down menu where you see 'normal' in the layer palette. Soft light should darken the image a little.

2. Merge the layers. Layer>scroll all the way to the bottom...Merge down.

3. Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Hue/Saturation:
Sat +38
Lightness -25

4. Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Color Balance
Shadows - +71, +28, +20
Midtones - -37, +7, +26
Highlights - +21, +18, -26

5. Make sure Layer 1 is selected. Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen

6. Make sure Layer 1 is still selected. Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curves. This is always different with each image. My settings for this image look like this...

7. Your image should now look similar to this...

8. Create a new fill layer. Layer>Fill Layer>fill it with dedoc1 and set the fill layer to Color Burn.

9.Duplicate Layer 1 (CTRL J) and drag the duplicated layer atop the rest of the layers and set to Ligthten

10. Merge layers again. select the first layer, hold down SHIFT and select the last layer, release SHIFT. CTRL E. there should only be LAYER 1 now

11. Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Selective Coloring
Reds - +1,  +13, +23, -11
Yellows - 0, -14, -16, +8
Blues: +100, +100, -100, -100
Whites - +38, +21, +92, -67
Neutrals - -18, -3, +9, -9
Blacks : -10, -4, -9,+7

The image should look like this now..

12. add this 'letter' to the image and set to Multiply. erase any words/letters that appear on your subject

13. Add text as you like...

I used lyrics from a song Lee sung with Pointy font @ 60 pts




Tanks bubbaloo.